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A school is home away from home for any student. During student life most of waking hours of any
student are spent at school, learning any thing and everything in various dimensions from books,
teachers, peers and even school environs.
School infrastructure create a favorable environment for student`s
holistic development. School infrastructure contains various aspects.

School Blocks-

We have one block of three storeyed buildings with spacious and well-ventilated


A well equipped library housing a wealth of useful books or informative coupled with a
motivating or mood-lifting ambiance not only attracts students but also develops a liking to study.
We have a enrich library with approx 7 thousands books with reference books, magazines,
periodicals and newspapers to encourages exploring interesting things among students.


These are the times of innovations which call for scientific temperament to be nurtured
among students in their formative years. School have suitably designed laboratories for various subjects
like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

Indoor Sports Room-

A school without having a scope to play and developing sporting skills can`t be idle
for students. We have developed facility of indoor sports room to encourage indoor games like carom,
chess and table tennis for the physical and mental development of students.

Play Ground-

To Promote sports culture and sportsman spirit among students ,School has
provided various outdoor sports facilities such as volley ball court, basket ball court, throw ball court,
net ball court, badminton court and net practice area of cricket.

Assembly area-

`Each morning we are born again, What we do today is what matters the most`.
School morning assembly serves as powerful motivators for the entire school. We also understands the
importance of morning assembly so we have a large and spacious assembly platform with audio facility
and a large  ground for the students gathering.

Music Room-

Music feel the joy in our life. Presidency Global School has a separate music room with
audio facility and various music equipments like Tabla, Naal, Guitar, Harmonium, Casio etc.

Dance Room-

Dance teaches the importance of movement and fitness in a variety of ways through a
variety of disciplines .We have a huge and audio-visual facility equipped dance room for the teaching of
dance classes.

Art & Craft Room-

Art in any form, can give us emotions that can lift up our spirit and make us more driven than
ever. So to promote the artistic talents of students we have a separate art room for paintings and other
art&craft activities.

Seminar Room-

The seminar hall is a pivotal space, housing a series of significant cultural and educational events
organized within the school. We have a large and spacious seminar room with audio and visual facility

Computer Lab-

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The computer lab serves as the
center for teaching computer use to whole classes, usually by a specialist computer teacher. We have a
large and well maintained computer lab with 40 computer sets with projector facilities.

Smart Class Room-

Visual-based learning process found way effective than the traditional learning method. In
this way, students can learn easily. Smart classrooms also make to reduce distractions and keep
students engaged in the learning process. We have well maintained smart classes with all required


When kids use school buses, they learn to take care of their personal belongings, like a
school bag, water bottle, and lunch box. This helps them in their overall development and well-being
and makes them a responsible and independent individual. We have a fleet of 8 buses 6 wingers for the
every root of city.

Activity Room-

The concept of the activity room is about `Learning` through play. The Activity rooms are
designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Presidency Global School has a large and beautiful
activity room with many toys and educational games.